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This site is brand new, so we’re just getting started with lots more to come. We’re so glad you’re here and hope you’ll check back in to see what’s growing.

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For Starters, here are the best selling gardening books on both the Gardens All and Planting for Retirement communities.

Best Gardening Books

Here’s an evolving list of our favorite vegetable gardening books. This list is culled from our favorites and that of the PlantingForRetirement and GardensAll communities, and are listed here, alphabetically by title.

The Have More Plan, by Ed Robinson and Carolyn Robinson

The Market Gardner: a Successful Growers Handbook for Small Scale Organic Farming, by Jean-Martin Fortier

Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre, by Brett L. Markham

New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening: 14 Volume Set

The New Organic Grower, by Eliot Coleman

The New Square Foot Gardening Book, by 

The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and borrowed Land, by Curtis Allen Stone


Best Gardening Videos

Back to Eden Film on DVD

Back to Eden – free video clips

The Urban Farmer Video Channel with Curtis Stone


Grow Your Business

Every business needs an online presence.

How to start a Facebook Page

Why you need a “tribe” and how to start one


How to Start—and Monetize—a Blog

For those creating websites from your business and passion, this is one of the better articles to get you started:

Make a website from scratch

Make a successful blog site

How to write a blog post that converts


Free course on building niche sites:


If you’re building an authority website, where you offer free articles, tips and information, the simplest way to earn money from your site is through Amazon’s affiliate program, call Amazon Associates.

If you want to dive right into inexpensive programs that teach you how to earn money with an affiliate program, such as Amazon, these courses are very reasonable, and created by a lady who’s earning very good money from her sites. She also teaches how to create digital product that serve your audience and can also earn extra income as well as grow your following.


How to Make Money on Amazon

Many websites are able to generate revenue selling their own product, advertising space and utilizing affiliate links. We favor using relevant Amazon links for this, for a number of reasons. For smaller sites, the pocket change it can generates helps pay the hosting bills. As you site grows in longevity, traffic and content, the affiliate links and ads can even become its own profit center. To learn how, we’re including our most recommended resources.

How to find your affiliate niche

Beginner’s affiliate and blogging course

Affiliate marketing master class

Business bundle


How to Build Niche Sites

For learning the business of building websites built around a topic, here are our top resources:


Podcasts we Recommend

Business Podcasts – for how to build niche websites – great for tuning into all kinds of entrepreneurs and what they’re doing


Gardening Podcasts

8 top rated gardening podcasts – list on


Market Prices

USDA Market prices of produce
USDA Market Prices of Organic Produce

Let’s get growing!