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Farmer’s Market Ideas and How to Attract More Customers

Your Farmer’s Market Stand

When you’re first starting out, it can be overwhelming and even intimidating to try and compete against well established market vendors. But don’t worry. The good news is that there are many simple things  you can do to stand out in the crowd and develop a loyal following.

There are many simple things you can do to stand out in the crowd.

Whether you’re a long time market seller or a produce market newbie, it’s important to be creative and try new things. Marketing is about helping people find you. There are people who are looking for what you have… who want to buy your produce or products, and maybe talk to you and learn from you. With so many vendors selling similar produce, just a few simple tricks of the trade can help you and your offerings stand out from the crowd. But really, it’s far more than “tricks of the trade”.

It’s really all about helping and serving, caring and connecting, with a touch of creativity.

Further below is a video interview with long time market seller, Robert Hays. If you’re interested in learning about growing blackberries for profit, you may enjoy that interview.1)

First are some quick tips and strategies you can scroll through to get you off to a great start selling at market.

How to Sell at a Farmer’s Market


If you’re looking for how to get started at selling at your local markets, you need only search online for Farmer’s Market my-city. For example, we’re near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so we’d search Farmer’s Market Winston-Salem to come up with the best options. You can also search Farmer’s Market [my city] Application OR Guidelines, to go directly to the information you’ll need.


It’s highly advisable before selling at any market, to first visit the market(s) as a customer. Take your time; canvas all the vendors there in your category of products and produce. Observe what they’re selling, how they’re selling it and the prices on things you’ll be selling. A simple way to do this research is via a voice recorder app on your phone.

Most smart phones have free apps you can download that allow you to turn your phone into a recorder. Just talk the prices into the phone, preferably inconspicuously, but if the vendor wants to know what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to let them know that you’re hoping to become a vendor and you’re doing research on how much things are selling for. Look at prospective fellow vendors as allies, like neighbors helping neighbors. Most people are glad to help future and fellow vendors. We’re all in this together and losing or gaining a sale or two is not worth enmity or subterfuge.


Observe the vendor booths that appeal to you the most and make note of why. Scouting around will give you more of your own ideas as well as good ones to borrow. There’s a book titled “Steal Like an Artist”, where the message is that most things in existence are derivatives of other things and ideas. So make note of good ideas and add your own unique angle to it.

Farmer’s Market Prices

You can search online for weekly market retail prices in your area. These vary too widely for a national report to be of much help for local market sellers. But you can also just Google the search phrase: weekly produce retail prices [your state].

For example, a Google search of Farmer’s Market Prices brought up these top results in market prices for my area:
Farmer’s Market – Raleigh, NC
Farmer’s Market – Piedmont Triad, NC
NCAg.Gov’s List on Market Regional Market Prices

Other search tips. Search your keyword and also include the term ‘pdf’. That way if there’s a downloadable PDF available, it will show you those results first.

Flowers in a crate
Look at your market table as a canvas to paint with eye catching displays.

Farmer’s Market Ideas

If all booths are basically equal, and the next booth’s vegetables, fruit, plants and jars of jams look about like yours, here are some tips of things you can do to stand out. Some of these require some skill and artistry, so pick and choose the ones that work for you.

Note: Links below take you to product ideas on Amazon. However, many gardeners are also handy at crafts and making things, so creating things like this could be winter projects that will have you very ready for spring and the market season.


Here’s a YouTube video on how to make a salad garden bowl:

NOTE: You may need to get approved for selling added value products at market, and the Farmer’s Market policies do not allow the selling of items not grown or made by you. These rules may vary for other markets, so check into it before adding other items to sell, such as an insulated market basket

For more tips on building your brand to be a favorite go-to farmer’s market stand, here are some more ideas from Bob Hays of Hays Berry Farms.1)

Thanks, Bob! If you’re interested in learning more about growing blackberries, you can checking out Bob’s interview on


People Will Tell You…

As Bob Hays says in our interview, talk to your customers. Help them find what they’re looking for, even if you have to send them to another booth.

Your farmer’s market booth is your personal market research laboratory. Listen to what people are asking for and wanting. Make a list of everything someone asks you for that you don’t have.

Imagine at the end of the week… and by the end of the year, the list you’ll have. In the evenings during the week, go over your notes. Make a list of each thing and put a hash line next to each one, crossing it off your note pad as you write it down.

Start noticing which items people ask for the most that you don’t sell. Is it something you could grow and sell? This is your market research data culled directly from your customers. When they see that you try to serve their needs, that’s just one more reason they’ll keep coming back to your market booth.

Farmer’s Market Supplies

If you need some market supplies, we’ve done some research for you on best sellers and best prices here.

If you haven’t already joined our community of growers, you can check us out at Planting for Retirement Facebook group.

For additional articles on how to sell at garden markets, you may enjoy this article on


Tips for Attracting Customers and Growing Your Following:

  • Contact your TV, newspaper and radio stations and invite them to your booth at the market to cover local growers.
    Local growers is a growing hot topic, so might be the thing for if they’re having a slow news day.
  • Post at least once daily on your Facebook page. It can just be a picture with a caption… help tips, recipes, asking them what they’re growing, what they want to buy at market, etc.
  • Day before and day of market days, post what you’ll have at market. (Post a different photo and intro text on the second post and remember that most people do not see your posts, thus the reason for reposting things for a better chance to reach more people.
  • At market, invite people to join your Facebook Page. (If you have a pad or laptop with you, go ahead and let the add themselves right there at your booth, or else they might forget to or forget your business name.
  • If you like to write and communicate with people, you could also start an email list. If you do, then take a notebook with lined paper and make a simple sign-up form where people can write in their email address if they want to be kept apprised of what you’re bringing to market each week, and where they can also communicate with you if they wish to.
  • Run a promotion to your Facebook and/or email audience with a special discount on “xyz” if they show up at market and tell you the special code. (Make it easy to remember and change it week to week. That may keep them heading to your page to look for it).
  • Do not underestimate the power of growing your audience of repeat customers. People like to connect with people and do business with someone they know.

Here’s a creative vegetable display idea that will attract to your booth.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook

If you want more information on how to create a business fan page on Facebook—and why you should build your tribe—you may be interested in these linked articles. Also if you need to know how to create memes — those images with quotes that are so popular on Facebook (and why you should), you can read how to create memes here.


And be sure to have a great sign! There are some cool ones available on Amazon.


 🌿 Happy Planting! 🌿

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